Thursday, August 18, 2011

              Despite the downfalls of suffering, I have recieved a priceless outlook on life. I learned what it was like to be deprived, alone, poor, sad, hungry and scared. As a consequence, I act with compassion toward others. I know what the bottom looks and feels like so I am empathetic towards others’ circumstances while being grateful for my own because I know how bad life can be when you don’t deserve it.
               If someone asks me for change on the street, I give it to them if I have it to spare. If someone is confused or sad and needs to talk, even if I am busy, I will take time out of my life to listen and console because I know what a difference it can make for someone. I will stand up to some one in a place of authority if they are acting abusive. 
              Now that I am a confident, willful adult, I do not tolerate abuse on any level from anyone. I don’t wallow in resentment, self pity and hate. I forgive instead because I’ve learned I am the only person suffering   from harboring these emotions. No matter what the rules are or someone says, I do what is right, defend the weak, stop abuse, act out of love and try to have an open mind. 
             Too many people are consumed by regret for the past or filled with worry for the future.  This robs them of experiencing life as it's happening. By striving to live in a way that produces little regret and not obsessing about aspects of life I ultimately have no control of, I am able to fully live in each moment, enjoying it to the fullest because I know it's all I have.


  1. wisdom is gained through all that experience. I am so happy and grateful that you are where you are and all the wiser for it, for these are wise words.. all for a higher purpose.

  2. Thanks Doreen! I'm glad to have finally made it :) It took a lot of lesson learning.