Wednesday, January 25, 2012

        This semester I am using my classes to really dig into my artistic process.  I have all sorts of things lined up to help me become a better artist. I am in sculpture, ceramics, and drawing. I hope that the drawing and sculpture will further define my style when drawing people.


Here is me paraphrasing a poem from 1912.  I like my version better. I might make it into a kids book.

She turned 180 degrees and described her surroundings, which were “three islands in a bay” and “three long mountains and a wood”.

She couldn’t see over her surroundings; they confined her because she felt that she could touch them; they were too close. She lost her breath.

She realized she couldn’t touch the sky like everything else around her and so she challenged the sky by looking at it for a long time until she was able to see the top and that it was not, in fact, infinite. She screamed.

The sky seemed to respond to her call. She was enveloped in feelings of eternity and vastness.

She saw the past and future and the earth open up to show her things she couldn't effect; she was punished for this.

She experienced all the sin, regret, wrong, and greed in the world as her own.

She experienced all the suffering in the world. She died with people as if she were them.  She  experienced the mourners’ sadness.

She felt people dying and had great compassion. She felt pity to them equal to the pity a god might have.

The weight this empathy brought anguished her spirit.

Freed from the weight of the world by death, but not a physical one because the Earth devoured her into a six foot grave. Her soul escaped.

She was buried and coddled in the Earth until she heard the sound of  'the pitying rain' and she liked it.

She enjoyed the sound of the rain and appreciated its presence. If she were alive she would enjoy it more. She longed to see the end of the storm when the sun comes out to shine. 
She begged god to re-incarnate her. She begged god to send the rain harder to wash the dirt from her grave.
It is not long before her prayer was answered and the rain washed her grave away.

A sweet smell came over her and she was reborn.  She was able to feel her soul again. How did she not have a soul, she wondered.

She rose out of the grave and hugged a tree.

She hugged the ground, looked to the sky, and laughed until she began to cry.  She told her new god that she would never again be unaware of its ‘radiant identity.’
Because the 'radiant identity' permeates everything on earth, she knew she could touch gods heartbeat by simply putting her finger to the earth.

Her heart and soul are vast, her inner world is massive