Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Need Art!!

So life has been really busy.  College is a lot of work.  It's not even fun work. I mean, sure I feel my mental capacity expanding as well as my options, but all I want to do is make art.

Its funny to me how going to school to accomplish your dreams actually takes a lot of time away from the dreams that you were going to school to accomplish in the first  place.

I have one commission in progress now. It's a silly commission, but a commission none-the-less. It's a sign for my local Indian food buffet joint called Shalimar of India. I've been  having a hard time getting to the half-way-done point.  It's been in my bedroom for weeks.

Oh and there's Rocky. I am getting paid in Sunday Indian  Buffet for one month upon completion.
 As I was walking away from Shalimar, with the blank sign after making my big deal, I thought ,  "4 Sundays in a month, at eight dollars a buffet, equals 32 dollars. Shit, this is a big sign".  Slave labor!

I am going to haggle him for another Sunday or two worth of buffet, but we will see. I'm not a very good haggler. Back in my drug using days I was better at it, but you can't replicate that kind of motivation. Damn, it would be helpful if you could though....

I stole batteries from the store this morning while I was purchasing dog food. There's my confession.  My only regret, other than not having enough money to afford batteries, is that I stole the cheap ones.  I mean really, if I'm going to get caught stealing shouldn't I at least get the longer lasting lithium brand?

I have to mention how f#@king cool my house is and by this I mean the people in my house.  Here is a porch shot.  From front, to left, to right: Molly, Nick Henri, Darby Laine, and Christine.

This here is my plant and her little sproutling...

The ceramics studio:

  A bunch of bisque ware pottery, and those beautiful saint statues.... ...

Here is an instructor named Susan and a student.... I am going to ask him his name next time I see him.

And here he is making some bowls ...............

Time to unload the kiln; it's like Christmas, but cooler.

Some glazing going on today..... I built that sweet glaze table with my pseudo-boss last Friday and had splinters in my fingers all week, but it was worth it, oh yes. Seeing it in use makes me feel like a rock star.
 The clay recycle station after I cleaned it. I should have taken a before picture.  I will next time.

 This is Kyle;  this is his forth bowl.  That's why he is holding up four fingers and a bowl. He is proud of himself, and for good reason.  This stuff isn't easy.

 A freaking amazing statue of a cat; this is the same artist that has been making those saint statues. She is talented and Another persons' name I need to ask and then remember.
 Another enthusiastic and talented ceramicist

Those large, vase-like vessels  to the left of the cat are for dead people ashes. Mmm Funeral Urns..

Let  us end with a crowded shelf as a metaphor for my hectic schedule...


  1. Paint Rocky on the sign! He so totally belongs there.

  2. He does look like he belongs there :) I've been thinking about painting him his own doggy portrait. He is so regal.

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