Thursday, February 23, 2012

            Things are well in my artistic world. I feel that school has been a very nurturing place and I have grown as an artist since last September. These last two semesters, I have learned so much about form and the human figure. I am finally starting to bridge the giant gap that exists between my 2 and 3 dimensional world. 
            My sculpture/pottery teacher is a freaking genius.  He had the class start with three, 7 inch torsos, moving on to a seated 1/7th posed figure, then to a 17 inch, half-size torso.  Looking at these torsos, I see how useful doing the smaller sculptures first was.  I especially see the progress I have made in rendering the shoulder area. In the first photo, the smaller one,  her shoulders are too broad. They look as if they belong on an entirely different figure, some kind of body builder chick.

            By the time I got to sculpting the bigger one, I was able to realize and learn from my mistakes to not repeat them again.

            So I rented an awesome camera for a couple days to photograph art. I have to give it back today, but I made sure to take a ton of pictures before I do. Here are some of my classmates who are awesome.



               And here is a panel from the comic Geoff and I are working on.


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