Friday, April 15, 2011

Mercy please, Mercury.


      I am counting down the seconds until Mercury is out of Retrograde. 

    Since it has started:
  •   Poison Ivy
  •   Head cold
  •   Trip to ER
  •   Broken fancy computer
  •   One lost phone
  •   Three broken phones
  •   Lost 1/2 dog harness (HTF does 1/2 dog harness disappear?)
  •   Four checks in the mail, from two different institutions, snatched from                                              
     the ether to God knows where.
  • One rejection from a major University for a REALLY stupid reason.

    I am not sure I can take anther seven days at this pace. 

    Despite all the chaos, I'm in a great mood :) Life is simple, sweet and happy. How liberating to realize my problems are superficial. 
    Rocky and I like Austin. His arthritis has improved greatly in just the week that we've been here. Our roommates are peaceful artists, musicians, and gardeners, and Geoff and I have many artistic endeavors on the horizon. Life is good.

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