Sunday, February 27, 2011


   It's cold here in Vermont.  The trip to the south was filled with bitter-sweet adventure.  It lasted two months, but I'm sure now that it wasn't long enough. 
    I guess that I am officially sick of winter. I have all this art to sell, but walking downtown with it to sling isn't an option in this frigid climate.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking winter completely for-granted, it served its purpose.  Winter gave me introspection when I had none and relieved some of my compulsive behavior,  but I just want to be warm now. I feel like I've payed my penance.  The plan is to be out by May and head west.

    I am trying to raise money still and have a lot of paintings, so I was thinking about having an art show. If anybody likes something please send me a message. I will go way down on the price.

    This one is small: 12x12in.

   This one is pretty big: 3.5 ft. x  58 in.

   24in. x18in

    9in x 12in

    9 in. x 12in.

This one's big 30in. x 30in

     I finished this one when I got home a couple days ago, while recovering from food poisoning.

And these were started in the last couple days..


    I am excited by my fear. What else can I do with feelings of uncertainty? Fear fuels me to burn brighter and walk with my head high so I don’t give off the scent of prey, so I don’t take on the role of a victim.
    I don’t let others’ irrelevant histories live in my heart. I renounce my bias because it does not belong to me. It’s time to move forward and away from these prisons. The angels that guide me are ballads of humility and intuition obscured by wanting. With each revelation I find new joy. It’s irrelevant how many times I repeat my mistakes. It’s irrelevant how long it takes.
    Conquering the dark side is a continual process.  My compulsions are satiated by the recognition of the angels at my side. I am testing my boundaries for weakness. I am speechless, repetitious in my mistakes, but in constant check of my intention. My heart is in the right place; steady is my step away from oblivion.


  1. this is so fucking powerful it echoes inside. <3